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3-D Modeling

Using Advanced Technology To Design, Collaborate & Build

We help the owner and entire design team establish project goals, design criteria and budget considerations. Our team will recommend alternatives, details cost estimates and schedules.

Our goal is to deliver a cost-effective electrical installation of the highest quality.

Streamlining the Process

Whether it is coordination within a single Revit model, sharing data with multiple team members through cloud sharing and collaboration software, or laying out points in the field with advanced tools, Shaw understands that VDC requires a streamlined process and work-flow in order to take advantage of all the data and opportunities that it provides.

Eliminating Conflicts

Our detailed VDC design eliminates conflicts on-site, creates a more efficient and effective installation, and ultimately saves the owners and general contractors time and money.

Shaw ensures electrical equipment fits in the electrical rooms and provides proper clearances.

Precise Installations

Shaw’s VDC models are used to convert to 2D CAD drawings with accurate dimensions—lines and installation points which their field electricians use for precise installation.

2D drawings created from our 3D model include routing and layout dimensions, color-coded conduits by the system, home run conduits, equipment layouts, slab penetrations, floor box locations, and all rough-in information needed for performing layouts in the field.