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Shaw Electric provided the electrical installation for the baggage handling system's in-line explosives detection at Detroit Metropolitan Airport's McNamara Terminal in March 2009.

“Adding this latest technology and employing innovative collaborative project management represent our commitment to the traveling public,” said federal Security Director Bob Ball.

The new system provides passengers, airlines, and TSA with the speed, convenience and security of a fully automated, state-of-the art baggage handling and screening solution. With the in-line system in place, TSA can thoroughly screen thousands of bags per hour.

All checked bags are routed by nine miles of conveyor belts through the first ever large-scale install of 14 GE CTX 9400 Explosive Detection Systems.

The in-line system was designed with future airport growth in mind. TSA provided $36.5 million for the detection equipment, integration, work stations, and airport facility modification.

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