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Owner: General Motors Corp., North American Operations/Powertrain Worldwide Facilities Group/Capital Projects
Architect: ARCADIS, Southfield, MI
Construction Manager: Walbridge Aldinger, Detroit, MI
Project Manager: Randy A. Block
Project General Foreman: Claude Crumb

The Ypsilanti transmission plant will produce General Motor’s new six-speed rear wheel drive transmission. General Motors vacated the south end of its plant – 800,000 square feet -- to house the process and manufacturing tooling and equipment.

Shaw began work in November 2003. In less than six months, Shaw electricians invested 30,000 man-hours, under NMA and Safe-2-Work regulations, to:

  • Install Sq D substation with 125vdc battery rack system.
  • Install two Siemens 1600a MCCs.
  • Refurbish, torque, test 25,000 linear feet of busway.
  • Design PLC chilled water control system with systems integrator and install complete system.
  • Survey entire work site and table all loads origin and source.

Shaw also furnished and installed:

  • 1,200 new high- and low-bay light fixtures.
  • 2 MCCs, PLC-driven for smoke evacuation system via 44 upblast roof EFs.
  • Cable trays with 25kv MV IAC & 600v IAC cables
  • 40 TE transformers.
  • 33 powerlink lighting panels on nine zones.
  • 71 column-width panelboards with new feeders.
  • 45 manual transfer switches.
  • 6 automatic transfer switches.
  • Retrofit 101 DO busway header or substation feeder breakers to Digitrips.
  • Connect 5 kv chiller and two cooling towers with basin heaters, level control and valves.
  • New receptacles throughout.

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