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Building Information Modeling (BIM) creates a three-dimensional computer model that helps us understand how your building project works.

img_3d-sample_1.jpgIn essence, we build a digital prototype of your building, which allows us to manipulate parts of the project to see how it affects the rest of the building – without wasting time and effort on the job site.

Among its many advantages:

  • Faster delivery.
  • Better coordination.
  • Lower costs.
  • Greater productivity.
  • Higher-quality work.

img_3d-sample_2.jpgFor each of the three major phases in the building life cycle - design, construction, and management, Building Information Modeling offers access to the following critical information:

  • Design phase - design, schedule and budget information.
  • Construction phase - quality, schedule and cost information.
  • Management phase - performance, utilization and financial information.


Why should you adopt BIM?

img_3d-sample_3.jpgBIM is becoming the foundation of building design, visualization studies, contract documents, analysis, simulation and facilities management.

The Construction Specification Institute estimates that inefficiencies and errors that BIM could reduce added 57 percent to the total cost of projects – more than $600 billion nationwide in 2008.

That’s money we can help you save.



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