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At Shaw we believe that accidents are preventable and that an accident-free jobsite is achievable

Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR)

Current Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is 0.78

EMR 2023


Jan, 01st 2023 to Dec 31st 2023
EMR 2022


Jan, 01st 2022 to Dec 31st 2022
EMR 2021


Jan, 01st 2021 to Dec 31st 2021

Commitment to Safety

Our focus on safety means greater efficiency and lower costs for you and us.

Monthly/Weekly Safety Talks

Once a month or week, depending on need, each job site reviews safety measures and special concerns to be aware of.

Safety Suggestion Program

Any employee who suggests a way to improve safety that we use gets a $100 gift card.

Trust us, the extra safety is worth every penny.

From our risk manager

Shaw Electric Co. has created a safety culture committed to providing a safe work environment for all of our employees as well as members of other contractors on our job sites.

To this end, we believe that it is the responsibility of management and every employee of Shaw Electric Co. to carry out their jobs in a manner that does not create any unnecessary hazards or unsafe conditions for the employee or any other person on the jobsite.

Safety on the jobsite is not to be sacrificed under any condition to expedite the project, because of pressure from other trades or contractors, or because of personal ambivalence toward safety procedures.

At Shaw, Safety, Health, Awareness, and Wellness is every employee’s responsibility.


Stephanie Reinke, Risk Manager

Shaw employees receive accredited safety training by safety professionals which includes safety orientations, electrical safety, arc flash, confined space, fall protection MIOSHA 10- and 30-hour construction safety, first aid and CPR.