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The best way to solve a construction problem is to prevent it.

That’s why we create a quality MEP team to help the owner’s team complete design documents, develop coordination drawings, help the value analysis and develop the final project construction documents and budget.

We help the owner and entire design team establish project goals, design criteria and budget considerations. Our team will recommend alternatives, details cost estimates and schedules.

Our goal is to deliver a cost-effective electrical installation of the highest quality. We review the electrical design and make recommendations on:


Our project team will be intimately involved with coordinating trades and detailing efforts. We pick our teams based on their experience and their ability to communicate and solve problems with other key trades.

Our teams have a thorough understanding of the trades that integrate with electrical and low voltage systems. We anticipate the conflicts and develop practical solutions beforehand.


Shaw’s superintendents and foremen are trained to evaluate design documents for their constructability. That analysis will be applied throughout the preconstruction phase of your project.

Because our project general foreman is also our lead detailer, he will use field experience to review constructability of the electrical and low-voltage systems throughout detailing and coordination.

If our general foreman sees a problem, solutions will be discussed with the project design team and incorporated into the construction documents.


Shaw finds the products and equipment that are not only cost effective, but meet or exceed the quality requirements.


Early discovery makes correction much easier. We anticipate providing several detailed estimates during preconstruction, typically:


Schematic Development Drawings


Design Development Drawings


Construction Documents