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A History of High Values

In 1930, R.D. Shaw and Rudy Kauth formed Shaw & Kauth Electrical Contractors with the idea of providing the best electrical contracting service that Michigan’s lower peninsula had ever seen. We’ve been working in metropolitan Detroit ever since.

We became Shaw Electric Co. in 1950 and incorporated on March 9, 1955. We signed the I.B.E.W. inside agreement on our first day and joined the National Electrical Contractors Association in 1938. The current management team has been in place since 1995. All owners of the company are active employees involved with the daily operation of the business.

In 1998, we started Shaw Fire Detection Services to increase our presence in the fire alarm and security systems market. That subsidiary is today Shaw Systems & Integration, a low voltage business that installs technology infrastructure, including security systems, audio visual systems, structured cabling networks, and, of course, life safety systems.

Since its establishment in 1930, Shaw has grown into a market leader throughout Michigan and beyond. Shaw Electric Co. manages complex jobs: commercial, industrial, utility, healthcare – any place where electrical services are critical. Shaw performs complete electrical installation, fire alarm, structured cabling, security, and audio-visual services. Shaw Electric Co. completes all electrical projects, while Shaw Systems & Integration completes all low-voltage projects. Both are supported by 24-hr Shaw Service & Maintenance.


The Service & Maintenance group within Shaw Systems & Integration believes that a stable network delivering reliable data communications is vital for any successful business operation. We at SSi are committed to providing unsurpassed service for our clients. Our commitment includes a single-source solution for structured cabling systems, access control, life safety systems, video surveillance, and IT networks.

We offer customized maintenance plans built around the specific technical and physical requirements of your facility. We also provide cost-effective service plans based on your needs and response times. Our track record speaks for itself. SSI is the Total Value Solution for your IT infrastructure.


Shaw Systems & Integration is your single source for structured cabling, life safety systems, security & card access systems, audio/visual solutions, and communications systems, whether wired or wireless. With RCDD and NICET-certified professionals on staff, Shaw Systems can translate your concept into a completely installed system at a very competitive cost. We are your Total Value Solution.

Our Mission Statement

Grow electrical and low voltage market share while enhancing customer satisfaction and total value.

Our Framework Of Values

We Work As A Team
It underscores our collective commitment to collaborative problem-solving, knowledge-sharing, and consistent communication. This integrated approach ensures that every project benefits from the collective expertise and diverse skills of our entire team. For our customers, this means streamlined processes, innovative solutions, and timely project completion. In essence, our team-oriented ethos ensures that we consistently deliver the highest standards of efficiency, reliability, and value, enhancing customer satisfaction and solidifying our reputation as market leaders in the electrical and low voltage sector.
We Deliver On Our Promises
It’s our solemn pledge to every client we serve. This commitment is deeply ingrained in our work ethic and resonates in every project we undertake. In an industry where precision and trustworthiness are paramount, our unwavering dedication to keeping our word ensures that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the exact specifications laid out. For our clients, this translates to peace of mind, knowing they have partnered with a company that values integrity as much as technical prowess. It’s this unwavering reliability that sets us apart, ensuring consistent satisfaction and fostering enduring relationships built on trust and mutual respect.
We Do The Right Thing
It is the moral compass guiding every decision, action, and interaction. Rooted in a deep sense of integrity and responsibility, this core value underscores our dedication to ethical conduct, transparency, and accountability in all facets of our business. Whether it’s ensuring the safety of our team, delivering environmentally responsible solutions, or addressing the unique needs of our clients, our determination to act with honesty and honor never wavers. For our clients, this commitment offers the assurance of partnering with a company that prioritizes ethical considerations alongside business objectives. In a landscape where trust is paramount, doing the right thing solidifies Shaw Electric Co.’s reputation as a dependable and upright industry leader.
We Take Pride In Our Work
It is the heartbeat of our craftsmanship and dedication. This unwavering pride signifies our relentless pursuit of excellence, driving us to deliver projects that not only meet but exceed expectations. Every wire we lay, and every system we install reflects our commitment to precision, quality, and an enduring legacy of unmatched service. For our clients, this means partnering with a team that treats each project as a testament to their expertise, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled quality. In a world where the distinction often lies in the details, Shaw Electric Co.’s pride in workmanship stands as a hallmark of our distinction and dedication to the craft.